Florentin Coppey

Data Modelling & AI


Has a master in chemical criminalistics and a strong personal background in programming. After several years working in forensic consulting and launching various commercial projects He decided two years ago to focus on a new project using a MicroNIR device (the device at the origin of the Asbestoprobe) to detect and quantify illicit drugs. This involved building the model’s algorithms to programming the server app and the client app that are used today to generate the predictions. The algorithms that he has created are showing impressive results for the identification of narcotics and he has now commercialised this solution worldwide along with a cloud solution, which is named NIR Lab Technologies.

Florentin has created the best possible algorithms in narcotics detection and Is confident that he can apply this knowledge to the Asbestoprobe project which shows many similarities with the narcotics world (several compounds of interest mixed in a broad variety of matrixes in different concentrations.